Privacy and Refund Policy

Privacy and Refund Policy


  1. General Information:

The use of the “TAX4WEALTH KNOWLEDGETECH PRIVATE LIMITED” website any user shall be deemed and construed as the user has read, fully understood, and unconditionally agreed and consented to the contents of our Privacy Policy. The use of the website is for the specific purpose of providing the user with a comparatively “easy to use” software application platform in order to enable the user to comply with Income Tax information filing compliances with minimum efforts.

  1. Information Collection:

The user shall upload the relevant information on the APP which may include among others personal, individual, familial, and income-related information. Such information uploaded by the user may also for a certain extended time be stored on the server and/or other devices belonging to the user or the APP developer.

  1. Disclosures:

The information uploaded by the users shall be kept confidential and not disclosed by any device, mechanism, or arrangement to any third party. In this regard, it is hereby clarified that the APP developer shall be entitled to make available such information, in confidence, only to such employees and agents of the developer who need to know of such information for the specified purpose, and developer shall ensure and procure that such employees /agents are also be put under a corresponding confidentiality obligation.

Notwithstanding aforesaid, the confidentiality obligation shall not apply to the following
disclosures: -

  • Was disclosed after express prior authorization of the user.
  • Information that comes in the public domain without any breach of confidentiality obligation by the developer.
  • Is required to be disclosed pursuant to any order/directions of any court, tribunal, or any other competent judicial /administrative authority.
  1. Applicable Performance Standards and Limitation of Liability

The developer has in developing and shall while operating and maintaining, from time to time, adhere to, exhibit, and comply with Good Industry Practice [as defined below] besides other obligations as expressly set out in this policy and as put upon by prevailing applicable laws. The APP developer’s liability shall be limited to any actual damage, the loss suffered by any user as a direct consequence of any non-performance/non-observance/breach by the developer of any of its obligations set out herein and/or put by applicable laws. It is hereby clearly understood that the developer shall not, in any case, be liable for:

(i) Any indirect and/or remote damage/loss (alleged or actual) suffered by the user; and
(ii) Any loss/damage suffered or threatened to any user on account of user’s negligence, act or omission or resulting from any event/circumstances out of reasonable control of the APP developer.

  1. Miscellaneous: -
  • The APP developer may in its sole discretion amend/modify this privacy policy interalia in order to comply with fluid regulatory/statutory norms and/or directions of any competent Government authority or otherwise.
  • The interpretation, construction, effect, and enforceability of this policy shall be governed by Indian laws and be subject to the jurisdiction of competent Indian courts. 
  1. Refund & Cancellation: -
  • Payments, Credits, and Refunds When you make a payment, you agree to use a valid payment method. If you download the content then no refund is available, TAX4WEALTH KNOWLEDGETECH PRIVATE LIMITED offers a no refund or credit policy for most professional content purchases. Its professional education courses are going to sell after the demo.
  • Once payment is done successfully there will be no cancellation OR refund.


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