About Us

About Us

Academy Tax4wealth is an interactive e-learning platform providing video-based courses and practical training with assured job guarantee placement related to subjects in Finance, Accounting, and Wealth Management. Our main objective is to create an educational video relevant to our courses as well as informative content meticulously designed to cater to the need of the professional world and corporates. And thereby skilling our youth to contribute positively to India’s growth story and simultaneously shape their career.

Our offered courses and informative content are not only a way forward in their professional journey or career but we also guarantee to place them with the successful completion of the course, by providing in-house practical training and a paid internship.

Based on users’ feedback related to the subject, we have been creating content that is completely based on their demands. Academy Tax4wealth includes practical courses like GST, Income Tax, TDS, ITR (ITR 1, ITR 2), Individual tax-saving strategy, and preparatory courses for budding CA, CS, CMA, etc. Interviews with the top-level management for their experience of tax saving and wealth building in real-life situations (CEO Talks), mutual fund, ELLS, PPF, FD, FNP, bonds, equity, debts, debentures, liquid funds, gold, government securities, real estate investment, life insurance, term plan, health insurance, start-up business, company incorporation, NRI issues, etc.

Our quality video for wealth management and tax-saving is instrumental in saving the money of our viewers and creating wealth. We are also allowing all the teaching institutions from our domain to scale their business without any investment from us. We also provide a 360-degree solution to our channel partners.

We are producing video series on all categories by the most renowned Indian and global experts related to the subject.

 We are providing white labeling solutions to the coaching institution in our domain.  

Also, we are committed to nurturing new talent on the related subject matter by providing them our resources free of cost viz. office setup for video production in Delhi, airing of selected videos on our YouTube channel, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and on our websites (https://academy.tax4wealth.com).


Our mission is to nurture young minds, and the e-learning platform provides the right guidance in the right direction with support through financial practical courses online. We always promote lifelong learning, Education and advocate for ethical standards for the benefit of society and assist aspirants associated with us to make their goals and get participate in the term progress and development of the Nation.

  •  VISION:-

Our vision is to apply financial knowledge and education through a video-based platform where we provide practical training to finance professionals, students, businessmen, and those who want to learn and crack the exam as well as improve their understanding of finance and wealth management.

  • VALUE:-

We maintain all the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, and accountability, in all interactions with the students, professionals, businessmen, stakeholders, and one another.


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