Build Your Career with The Best Income Tax Courses Online

Build Your Career with The Best Income Tax Courses Online

Today we are going to talk about a very widely discussed question among Accounting and Taxation professionals: How to Grow your Career with the Income Tax Certification Courses offer excellent Career opportunities for students and professionals in the field of Accounting and Taxation. Commerce graduates and postgraduates, Finance and Accounting professionals will find these Courses in Income Tax very valuable to enhance their knowledge about the subject and build a successful career. Most of these courses are available Online.

Income Tax Law- An Overview

The Income Tax Act 1961 is one of the oldest and most widely studied Laws in our Country. The law was passed by an Act of, the Parliament of India. It was enacted on 1st April 1962. The law allows the Government of India to levy, administer, collect and recover Tax on Income from Resident Indians, HUFs, Companies, Firms, LLPs, Associations, Bodies, Local Authorities, and any other Juridical person, as well as Income earned in India by individuals and entities based outside India. The Income Tax Act segregates Income into five categories, viz. Income from Salary, House Property, Business or Profession, Capital Gains, and Other Sources. A combination of Income from all these categories forms the Total Income of the Individual. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) administers the Income Tax Department, which is part of the Ministry of Finance's Department of Revenue. Income tax is a key source of government revenue. The other elements of the Income-tax Law are Income Tax Rules 1962, Annual Finance Act, Judicial Case Laws, and Circulars & Notifications.

Listed below is the best income tax certification course online in India which can help you build and grow your career in the field of Accounting and Taxation.

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1. Certificate Course in Presumptive Taxation:-

 A person adopting the presumptive taxation course online can declare income at a prescribed rate and, in turn, is relieved from the tedious job of maintenance of books of account and also from getting the accounts audited. To give relief to small taxpayers from the tedious job of maintenance of books of account and from getting the accounts audited, the Income-tax Act has framed the presumptive taxation scheme under sections 44AD, Section 44ADA, and section 44AE. In this part, you can gain knowledge about various provisions of the presumptive taxation scheme of section 44AD, Section 44ADA, and Section 44AE. This course is a must for Small Business owners as well as Self Employed professionals whose turnover is less than 2 crores. Also, taxation professionals working in Small Enterprises will find this Course very useful to manage their Accounts. It will add value to your profile in your organization and make you a more valuable resource for your organization.

2. Income Tax Regime, Old versus New A Comprehensive Study:-

Starting Financial Year 2021, the Government of India announced optional Income Tax Rules for Individuals and HUFs. According to the new Tax Rules, Tax slabs are segregated into 7 categories instead of the previous 4 categories. The Income Tax rates for some categories have been reduced. Also, several deductions which were available in the old Income Tax regime have been withdrawn. This course explains in detail the various provisions of the new Tax Regime and compares it with the old Tax Regime. Every Indian Citizen must study this Course to understand the nuances of the new Income Tax regime.

3. TDS Return Filing Online:-

 TDS means Tax Deducted at Source and TCS means Tax Collected at Source. TDS and TCS are discussed in detail in this Course. It throws light upon topics such as when should you File TDS Return. What are the last dates for Filing TDS online with Live Practical Example Penalty for delay in filing returns, interest amount payable for delay in filing returns, etc? This Course is also a must-do for every business person and Self Employed professional. Professionals working in Corporates, as well as SMEs, will also benefit from this Course. TDS Filing is a routine activity for Accounting professionals and thorough knowledge about this subject will help them grow in their organization as well as provide more opportunities for them as a taxation professional.

4. Practical Course about Income Tax Law and Provisions:-

This course includes important provisions of Indian Income Tax which are useful for day-to-day work of Accounting and Audit of a business. The purpose of this course is to teach students about business income provisions under Indian Income-tax within a short duration. This course includes a brief of the following topics: Introduction of Indian Income Tax, Introduction of various Income Tax Returns forms(ITR), Important Tax Saving Investment/Deductions, etc, Calculation of Business Income under Income Tax, Allowed & Disallowed business deductions, Depreciation under Income Tax, Books of Accounts & Documents under Income Tax, Applicability of Audit under Income Tax, Presumptive Taxation scheme for small businessmen/ professionals, All about TDS provisions like Important TDS rates, TDS Returns & Due dates of the TDS returns, etc. This is a comprehensive and excellent Course for all Accounting professionals to gain practical insights to deal with the Income Tax Laws.

5. Diploma in Taxation:-

Some institutes offer a Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation. This is an excellent Course for aspirants who want to work as a Tax Consultant or Tax Advisor. It covers topics such as Online Income Tax Filing, Online TDS Return Filing, Online GST Return Filing, etc. The Course is practical oriented and offers to live as well as classroom training.

6. Self Study Course in Income Tax:-

The course covers Income Tax from Basic to Advanced level covering major compliances, Filing of Income Tax Return and TDS forms along with precautions to minimize CASS Scrutiny Selection, Handling Faceless assessments, Income tax Health Check-up, etc. The Course is Comprehensive in nature and covers many practical aspects of the Income Tax Law. It also teaches professionals to protect their clients and employers from the vagaries of the Income Tax Department.

7. Certified Tax Professional:-

This Course includes taxation of Self Employed persons and Businesses, GST Taxes and return filing, Self Employed Business Excise Taxes and return filing, ITR 5, ITR 6 & ITR 7 Return filing, Assessment of Companies & Firm, Assessment of Trusts, Partnership Business GST, Excise Returns Filing and Procedures, Partnership ITR 5 Filing, Corporate Business GST, Excise Returns Filing and Procedures, Corporate ITR 6 & ITR 7 Filing. They teach you to handle very challenging individual tax situations as well as tax returns for businesses or professions, partnerships, companies, corporations, trusts & societies, and sole proprietorships.  The syllabus is comprehensive and offers good employment and growth prospects for students who complete the Course, especially as Tax Consultants.

8. Advance Income Tax Certification Course:-

Similar to some of the Courses mentioned above, this Course teaches you about all major topics relevant to Income Tax law. The Course is divided into 13 sessions for a total of 36 hours duration. Separate batches of the Course are available on Weekdays and on Weekends. This is a Live Online Course. New batches are scheduled after the completion of existing batches.

Many of the Courses mentioned above are comprehensive in nature. Some of them deal specifically with certain portions of the Income Tax law. The above Courses offer a great starting point for a Career in Accounting and Taxation, especially when accompanied by a Certification in GST.

Complementary Courses:-

To add value to your CV, you must also complete a comprehensive GST Certification Course.

Further Education:-

Students who are inclined to higher education can also complete a Master’s Degree in Commerce with Income Tax as a subject. Under the Job Guaranteed Courses, A structure Combination of certified corporate accountant course that included online course on GST, Income Tax, Tally, and Company Law and the best skilled education will also do wonders for your Career in Taxation or accounting.

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