What are The Career Options in Finance in India?

What are The Career Options in Finance in India?

The minimum requirement for a candidate to be a graduate in economics is to make a career in the finance sector. Finance is definitely the preferred field for B. Com students.  To make a better career in the finance sector, it is better to do a master's in management, economics or PG in commerce.  Excellent opportunities are available in the field of finance for those pursuing MBA in Finance.  But keep in mind that do it from MBA level institute.  Nowadays it is seen that the highest focus is being given on finance in management institutes.  A variety of PG Diploma courses are also available in Finance.

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What are the opportunities available in Finance?

If we talk about stock market, It has become the preferred area of investment at present.  The stock market activities in India are controlled and governed by the Securities and Regulatory Board of India (SEBI).  Finance professionals like brokers, sub-brokers, contractors, investment analysts, security analysts, trustee partnerships, artificial traders, portfolio managers, etc. are required to conduct investment activities in the stock market.  Apart from this, stock market specialist, risk analyst, stock analyst, portfolio manager, finance planner, economist etc. are also required.  

Professionals are also recruited by SEBI, in which written examination and interviews are taken for selection.  There are excellent job opportunities in the capital market for the holders of a degree or diploma in finance.

Financial advisor's responsibility is also great:

In today's era, many financial institutions are providing research and consultancy services both at the individual level and at the institution level.  Even many banks are also providing services by creating specialized divisions of Project Consultancy, Asset Management, Treasury Management, Export Management, Portfolio Management etc.  Many private organizations are also providing such counseling services.  

In such a situation, excellent opportunities are being available for the professionals having technical knowledge in finance and due to increase in expertise, good growth is also being given in the career.  Yes it is necessary that there is always a need to be updated in this field.

Huge opportunities in company finance too:

The role of Tax Management Consultancy is increasing in the context of Income Tax and GST Return Filing.  In addition, the demand for professionals for Corporate Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Capital Management Services is also increasing day by day.  Nowadays, a special department is being specially formed in every organization, whose main responsibility is to collect, manage and fulfill the accounting related arrangements of financial resources.  In these departments, MBA degree holders in finance get special attention.  There are also good opportunities in finance management for the youth doing corporate accountant course.

Evergreen Opportunity in Banking Institutes:

After the privatization of the banking sector, competition is increasing at a rapid pace. Along with private banks, nationalized banks are also making special efforts for the betterment of banking services. Some banking institutions are gaining the status of Universal Banks. Therefore, a large number of employment opportunities are being created for finance professionals for banking institutions.  To reach the heights of career in the banking sector, it is also necessary to have a degree related to finance along with the improvement of skills.

Demand in international trade:

Two decades after the process of globalization that began in India in 1990, India's participation in international trade has increased significantly.  Nowadays, many institutions are providing facilities especially for import and export.  The demand for such professionals is increasing in these institutions.  Those who have a good understanding of the nuances of international trade with finance.  There is a good spread in the work of logistics companies.  Due to this, a large number of jobs are also being created for the fulfillment of Fair and Exhibition related responsibilities.  

The need for finance professionals is also increasing in the foreign exchange management department and treasury management department of financial institutions.  In view of this, postgraduate courses in international business and international finance management courses are being conducted in various universities.  After doing these courses, a bright career is being supported in the context of international trade.

Opportunities available in media:

All media institutions whether it is economic newspaper or business news channel or web news channel.  Along with content writing, financial and accounting management of the channel also provides employment opportunities for finance professionals.  Finance professionals are also in demand in media institutions for the analysis of contemporary economic issues.

Also in demand in tax and accounting management:

Account professionals in finance have a major role to play in ITR and GST Return filing and also in the context of auditing and accounting management of companies.  At present, everyone's attention is focused on tax management.  How to take maximum advantage of exemptions on income tax available.  How to manage the investment so that maximum tax is saved, this is the desire of every income tax payer.  In this regard, there is a special need for advice at the level of finance.  Account professionals play a special role in this context.

What are the courses available for a great career in finance?

 B A / M A in Finance.
 MBA in Finance.
 Certified Corporate Accountant Course.
 BSc Financial Accounting.
 Bachelor in Financial and Investment Analysis.
 PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Management.
 PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management.
  PG Diploma in Management and Financial Engineering.
  PG Diploma in International Finance and Trade.

Role of Finance Professionals and what way does it happen?

Finance professionals in the banking sector play their roles as Investment Advisory Managers, Retail Relationship Managers, Mutual Fund Managers.  In the context of financial planning, finance professionals play the role of relationship managers and associate auditors.  Finance professionals in the KPO sector play a role as data analysts, market researchers, client development managers, business analysts and research associates.  Apart from this, finance professionals are also seen playing the role of financial advisor, credit analyst, portfolio manager.  As the skills of a finance professional develop, so does his career.

How much salary do finance professionals get?

The job of finance professionals starts from 20 to 30 thousand per month.  But as their skills develop over time, so does their salary. There are some professionals in this field as well that within four to five years of joining the job, the salary reaches above lakhs.  Salary in this field is directly related to the development of skills. As the skill develops, the salary also increases. As the skill of a finance professional develops, so does his career.  Salary in this field is directly related to the development of skills.  As the skill develops, the salary also increases.

At present, there are many possibilities for a wonderful career in the field of finance.  For finance professionals, the degree lays the foundation of a strong foundation, while continuous skill development adds to their career. Career options in the finance sector can be given a big boost through skill development.

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