What is The Document Identification Number Under GST and Why is it Necessary?

What is The Document Identification Number Under GST and Why is it Necessary?

DIN is an abstract of the Document Identification Number. This is 20 Digits unique Code generated alphanumerically in digital form. This is an initiative taken by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) to find a secure way of communication between Tax Officials and registered taxpayers by digitalizing it.

This Document Identification Number will be used on all communicative Documents. In addition, the taxpayer can use this unique code to confirm the legitimacy of the digitalized communications received from the government.

Furthermore, The Government of India has made the generation of Document Identification Number Necessary. It can be generated from the official website provided by the Government which is www.cbecddm.gov.in and only the authoritative officer can proceed with the process by login in from their credentials.

Structure of Document Identification Number:

The Formation of Document Identification Number is “CBIC-YYYY MM ZCDR NNNN”. It is constructed from the mixture of Year, Month, Location, and a numerical code. Wherein the indication goes as follows:

  • YYYY: the year when the DIN was generated
  • MM: the month when the DIN was Generated
  • ZCDR: indicates the Zone Commissionerate Division Range (Locality)
  • NNNN: it is a randomly generated numeric Code

The reasoning behind bringing the concept of Document Identification Number into Existence

The creation of a Document Identification Number (DIN) is a revolutionary initiative taken by the Government for the betterment of communicative factors taking place between taxpayers and tax officials. In addition, another adjective would be to bring clarity and answerability to Tax Department with the help of this technological advance.

 Benefits of Document Identification Number

The generation of DIN is highly Beneficial for the taxpayers as it will be easier for them to check the legitimacy of any digital document/notice/notifications etc. furthermore it leaves out any potential of being a victim of a forgery situation. All of that could be avoided with the help of a Document Identification Number.

Some of the benefits are introduced below:

  • Translucency in communication
  • Preserve the rights of the taxpayer
  • Construction of a proper and systematic method to audit all the communication being sent by the Tax department

List of Documents for which Generation of Document Identification Number is Mandatory

The following are the documents that must have a Document Identification Number:

  • On the issuance of Letters regarding Search and Seizure,
  • Warrants,
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Inspection Notices, and
  • All the documents/letters/warrants issued amidst an investigation.

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