How to Become a CA: Courses After 12th, Scope, Career Opportunities, Salary 2024

How to Become a CA: Courses After 12th, Scope, Career Opportunities, Salary 2024

Are you one of the commerce students who need clarification about what to do after 12th? and have you ever thought of pursuing the CA Course after 12th to become a CA? Then you've come to the right place to find information on the CA course. So, If you're truly interested in finding out how to become a CA and the eligibility criteria and requirements for the CA course, this blog will provide you with all the information you need. 

This blog includes:

✅ What is a Chartered Accountant (CA)?

✅ After the 12th CA Course Importance

✅ Course Eligibility after 12th

✅ CA Course Details after 12th: A Step-by-Step Guide to become a CA

✅ CPT Route after Class 12th

✅ Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) registration

✅ Articleship/Internship

✅ CA Final Course Registration

✅ Fees

✅ Duration of the CA Course

✅ CA Syllabus

✅ Best CA Online Classes in India

✅ Career after CA Course

✅ Best CA Online Classes in India

✅ Benefits of CA Online Classes

✅ Advantages Of Working As A CA

✅ FAQs

What is a Chartered Accountant (CA)?

Before you get the information to become a ca, let's brush up on our knowledge by simply defining what a CA is. An individual with a profession as a financial controller in commercial organizations and other industries is known as a Chartered Accountancy or CA.

The top positions that a CA has held include: - Auditor, Financial Analyst, Management Accountant, Tax Accountant, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, and more

To become a CA, after 12th, the three levels of the Chartered Accountant Course, coupled with the three years of practical training, take around 4.5 years. The applicants must pass three tiers of ICAI exams, which we shall cover in more detail in the blog's later section.

CA Course Importance After 12th:

CA has long been a highly well-liked career path for both young people and older workers. The position has a great reputation and provides excellent financial stability. A financial analyst is necessary for almost every sector and business to monitor costs and revenues. This indicates that there is a significant demand for workers and that the economy always needs to be qualified CAs, regardless of the sector or business.

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Eligibility :

 Before moving on to the details of the CA course after 12th. These are the eligibility for the same, mentioned below:

✅ The applicant must have passed either the 10+2 exam or the senior secondary exam.

✅ Candidates for enrolment in the Accounting Technician Course must have passed entrance exams, foundation exams, or professional education (ATC)

✅ Candidates who have already enrolled for intermediate/professional education or intermediate/professional competence may enroll.

✅ Those enrolled in the Intermediate IPC course without the ATC may choose to take this course as well.

CA Course Details after 12th: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let's find out how to pursue CA beyond the 12th to become a CA after briefly reviewing the qualifying requirements. If you are in your last year of high school or have finished your exams, you need to start studying as soon as you can. The prerequisites and information on all mandatory CA course beyond the 12th grade are provided here. Look over each one to see how you might land the job of your dreams.

 CPT Route after Class 12th:

After passing the class 12th examinations, register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for the common competence test. Even after finishing class 12th, a person can enroll and sit for the test. The test covers four topics: accounting, law, economics, and quantitative analysis. A 200-point admission exam is required. To pass, you must receive at least 100 out of 200 possible points.

Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) registration:

A candidate may register for IPCC if they have passed both the CPT and the class 12 test. Nine months before the first day of the examination month, registration must be completed. There are seven subjects totaling 700 points in the IPCC test. For the exam to be passed, each topic must have a score of 40. Additionally required is a general score of 50% or above.

The test is divided into two categories. The first category consists of four exams on accounting, law, taxes, costing, and financial management. Three examinations are available in the second category: Advanced Chartered Accountancy, IT and Strategic Management, and Audit. After earning 60 points on any topic, the applicant is excused from taking that paper again on the following try.


After passing the IPCC exam, this is the next stage. Along with taking the CA final exam, there is a 3-year training course or internship. For the full three years, this training is given under the supervision of a licensed CA.

CA Final Course Registration:

The final six months of the three-year internship program are when this test is given. The applicant may sign up to become a CA in India and member of ICAI. After passing all the tests with flying colors, the applicant can proudly refer to themselves as "Chartered Accountants."

CA Course Fees:

Tax4wealth provides a complete  CA Course after 12th to become a CA or get a good jobas a CA. CA course will cost between INR 50,000 and 80,000. It comprises all fees, including those for entry exams, orientation courses, journals, and registration.

Duration of the CA Course: 

How long will it take to finish the CA course and practical training? is one of the most often asked questions concerning CA course specifics following the 12th? To finish your CA course, you'll need at least a 12th-grade education, which will take 4.5 to 5 years following the class 12th grade. The CPT/CA foundation course must be taken first by the candidate. After 9 months, the applicant becomes eligible for IPCC.

CA Course Syllabus:

Candidates for the class of 12th must first be ready for their senior secondary test. Accounts, Law, Finance, and Economics are disciplines available to students in the business program. They must get ready for things in advance so that passing the CA Exam is simple. The three levels of the CA examinations have varied preparation requirements; hence each level has a separate curriculum.

The following lists the syllabus and subjects for the CA course after 12th grade:

  • The principles of accounting, general economics, quantitative aptitude, laws, and other significant topics that are covered in the CA foundation curriculum are all covered in the CPT test or CA Foundation exam.
  • There are many areas covered in the IPCC exam's extensive syllabus, including communication, business ethics, taxation, advanced accounting, auditing, insurance, information technology, strategic management, and related themes.
  • The CA final exam is the last and most important step toward becoming a CA. Its curriculum is the most challenging of all and covers areas like professional ethics, advanced management, accounting, financial reporting, strategic finance, and other related issues. Success on this exam ensures employment as a CA.

Career after CA Course:

Let's go into some of the top job alternatives and prospects to follow CA now that you are fully informed on the intricacies of the CA course after 12th. Candidates who pass the CA test are qualified for the following employment positions - Public Accountant, Cost Accountant, Government Accountant, Taxation Expert, Auditor, Internal Auditor, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, Chartered Accountant, and Manager of an Accounting Firm

In India, a CA's initial compensation typically varies from 5 to 8 lakhs INR per year. It may rise to 28 lakhs INR per year with further education, training, and experience.

Best CA Online Courses in India:

The only institution in India that has offered CA Intermediate/CA Foundation/CA Inter Taxation Course in CA Final in recent years is Academy Tax4wealth. We have begun offering online lessons as part of our aim to offer candidates the best CA education at reasonable prices. Since then, students have started to favor Tax4wealth Online accounting courses.

Experienced instructors cover every topic in online programs. They do their utmost to fully cover each topic in the CA course. For a seamless experience, our CA online classes will run on our reliable platform. Students will also receive individualized coaching and take mock exams.

Benefits of CA Online Classes from Academy Tax4wealth:

1. Online Course Platform:-

Academy Tax4wealth runs the CA Course through its online platform to give our students a continuous practical learning experience. Additionally, our platform has all the most recent features. As a result, our students will only be concerned with learning and building their careers as CA.

2. Skills-Based Classes with Intelligent Compilers: -

Our main objective at Academy Tax4wealth is to assist students in finding employment and becoming prosperous CAs. So, we concentrate on a focused study based on previous CA question papers and the ICAI test structure. This implies that you are not required to study the ICAI content independently.

3. Experienced Faculties-

How students can communicate with their lecturers and get their questions answered is the main challenge they encounter in online classrooms. We build a private group for each batch to address this problem. Therefore, students and instructors can communicate at any moment. You can ask our professors any questions, and they will respond right away.

4. Quality Mock Test Papers that Covers 100% Syllabus-

Without practicing with high-quality mock test papers, your CA exam preparation will fall short. For our online class participants, we regularly provide mock exams on a scheduled basis after finishing the material on time.

Get online prepration for CA Exam to become a CA that make it easy for students to prepare for numerous CA courses like CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Inter Taxation Courses  at a affordable cost with our high-quality CA test series. Join us to learn more!

5. Personalized Guidance to Each Student-

Without the right support, it's challenging for students to pass the CA Exam and earn decent grades. As a result, we provide each student with specific advice depending on how they performed on the mock tests. Whether students are taking offline or online classes, our counselors will lead telephone talks with them.

Advantages Of Working As A CA:

One can make significantly more money if they are a chartered accountant. One of the wealthiest jobs in the 21st century is it. Additional advantages of a job as a CA are listed below.

1. Good Salary Package:

In the corporate industry, CA positions are the most desired. In India, the starting compensation for a CA is between 6 and 7 lakhs per year. Moreover, it rises to Rs. 30 lakhs annually after four to five years of expertise in this profession. With bonuses, an international CA may make about INR 75 lakhs annually.

2. Job Security:

Only those who are willing to put in the effort and with the ability to become excellent CPAs can survive in this sector. One can continue working in the industry if one possesses the necessary aptitude and abilities.

3. Graduate Studies:

Education is a lifelong process. After finishing CA classes, you can continue your education there as well. Following CA, you may choose to take courses in Company Secretary, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Partner, and diploma in taxation law, among others.

4. Unique Experience:

Working as a CA allows for experiences. The work atmosphere at CA is interesting as well as difficult. You must deal with banking, taxation, accounting, and fund management as a CA.

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FAQs- For CA:

1. After my 12th, how can I apply for CA?

Students who want to pursue an accounting profession in the science stream can apply for the program's entry-level test, the CA Foundation exam, after completing their 12th board exams. Once students have completed the 12th test, they will be eligible to register for the CA Foundation exam. 

2. After the 12th, which degree is best for a CA?

Anyone with a 12th degree in Science, Commerce, or the Arts is eligible to apply for the CA program to become a CA. Candidates for this course must be recent graduates or postgraduates from an accredited university who have completed a three- or four-year bachelor's degree program.

3. What are the 7 CA subjects?

Advanced management accounting, law, auditing, financial management, direct and indirect taxes, information systems, and control data. There are a total of 19 topics.

4. Can u do CA without B.COM?

Many students believe that a B. Com degree is one of the prerequisites for the CA Course. The response is "no." To apply via the Foundation course become a CA in india after 12th, you do not need a B. Com degree. However, to apply for the program via the direct entrance option, you must have a bachelor's degree.

So, there was everything you needed to know about the CA course information to become a CA after the 12th . Stay tuned to Academy Tax4wealth to read comparable articles and material about the many job guaranteed courses, jobs, and career alternatives accessible after class 12th.


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