How to File TDS Return Online?

How to File TDS Return Online?

File TDS Return Online:

The filing of TDS return is mandatory for all taxpayer who are falling under the income tax slab as prescribed by the Income Tax Department. It is mandatory to file electronic TDS returns and the same can be done through the official database of Income Tax e-filing website.

Apart from that, it is also compulsory that the TDS returns must be submitted by the deductor on time. After the TDS return has been filed online, the details of the same will be shown on Form 26AS of the payee. The details which are required for filing TDS returns are provided below;

  • The details of Permanent Account Number (PAN) of both deductee and deductor
  • Details of information mentioned on the TDS challan
  • The tax amount paid to the Government
  • Any other relevant information if required

How to File TDS Return Online?

The details of step by step process for TDS Returns Filing Online is provided below;

  • Firstly, Form 27A containing different columns have to be filled completely in case of online filing. If in case the hard copy of the aforesaid form is filled then it has to be verified along with the e-TDS return which is filled already electronically.
  • The next step is to calculate the total amount of TDS that must be paid has to be filled correctly and the same must be tallied in specified forms.
  • The TAN of the organization or deductee who is filling TDS returns has to be mentioned on Form 27A. The process of verification will become difficult and complex if TAN is mentioned incorrectly.
  • The mode of payment, challan number and other tax details has to be mentioned on the TDS returns. In case, there are any such incorrect details provided in the challan number or payment date, a mismatch will occur and the TDS returns might have to be filled in again.
  • The basic form must be used for e-filling of TDS so that it could bring consistency. To make the tally easier the 7 digit BSR number must be entered.
  • In case of physical TDS returns, it must be submitted at TIN FC. It is to be noted that NSDL manages all the account of TIN FCs.  If all the TDS returns are filed online, the same can be submitted on the official website of NSDL.  However, in case of online filing of TDS a level 2 digital signature should be used by the deductor.
  • If all the information provided on the TDS return form are correct and accurate, then a provisional receipt or token number will be shown. This is an acknowledgment which will be considered as a confirmation that the filing of TDS returns has been completed. In case, the TDS return is rejected, then a non-acceptance memo containing the reasons for such rejection will be issued. In that case, the TDS returns will be filed once again.

Eligibility Criteria for Filing TDS Return Online:

The employers and organizations having a valid Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number otherwise known as TAN can easily File TDS returns. Under the Provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the following are the payments for which TDS deduction must be filed;

  • Payment of Salary
  • Income generated by winning lotteries, puzzle games, quiz shows or any other similar games
  • Commission received on insurance products
  • Income generated through securities
  • Income generated by winning of horse races
  •  Any payment made in respect of National Savings Scheme of any other scheme similar to it

Procedure for validation of TDS Returns:

The details of procedure for the validation of the TDS returns are provided below;

  • Firstly, all the required details must be filled in the file.
  • After the details are filled in, the same must be uploaded for validation purposes on the utility tools meant for validation available on the TDS portal. The aforesaid tool is free and is available on the NSDL website.
  • If there is an error in the file uploaded, the error will be notified by the file validation utility tool.
  • The changes required have to be made on the file prior to sending it through the process of verification once again.

Revised TDS Return:

If there are errors in the files while filing TDS returns including wrong challan details, incorrect PAN or tax amount that is already been paid to the government, then such error may not come up on Form 16A, Form 16 and Form 26AS. Under such cases, the TDS returns must be filled in once again.

What are the prerequisites for filing revised TDS Returns?

The following are some of the prerequisites for filing revised TDS Returns under the provisions of the Income tax Act, 1961;

  • It is to be noted that the revised TDS returns can be filed only if the Central TIN System accepts the original TDS return.
  • The TDS return status can be checked on the official website of NSDL by providing the details of PAN and the provisional receipt number.
  • The TDS return filling must be done with the use of latest or recent TDS statements. The consolidated TDS statements are available on the TRACES website and the same can be downloaded from the TRACES website. However, it is to be noted that the provisional receipt number must be provided to download the latest TDS statements.

The following things must be kept in mind before uploading the TDS returns;

  • A valid TAN must be there and same must be registered for TDS filing
  • The TDS statements must be prepared with the use of Return Preparation Utility (RPU) and the same must be validated with the use of  Validation Utility (FVU)
  • A valid DSC is also required for registration of TDS e-filing if TDS statements are used for DSC
  • The contact and demat account details of the principal contact must be provided or the PAN details has to be linked with Aadhar if the statements are being uploaded with the use of EVC.

How to upload TDS statements on income tax portal:

The following is the step-by-step guide on how to upload the TDS statements on the income tax portal:

Step 1: Login in to the website of income tax portal i.e. to and click on the option ‘Login Here’.

Step 2: After clicking on the Login Here option, provide your login credentials such as user ID and password and Click on the option 'Login'. It is to be noted that your TAN will be the user ID. 

Step 3:  After login in the website, click on the option ‘Upload TDS’ option under the TDS tab.

Step 4:  After uploading the TDS statements, a form will appear where correct details must be mentioned and once details are filled in, then click on the option "Validate".

Note: It is to be noted that the only TDS statements from the financial year 2010-11 can be uploaded on the income tax portal.

 Step 5:  The TDS returns can be validated with the following modes, uploaded with the use of Digital Signature Certificate.

Step 5a:  The validation can be done with the use of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and also it can also be uploaded with the use of Digital Signature Certificate. For uploading the return with DSC, upload the TDS zip file first along with the attachment of the digital signature file. Then, Click on the option "Upload"

After the TDS statements are uploaded, a success message will be shown on the screen along with a confirmation email will be sent to the user's registered email address. 

Step 5b:  In case the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is being used for verification. Then, after Step 4, the TDS statements can be validated with the use of Electronic Verification Code (EVC).  In such case, upload the TDS returns in a zip file and click on the option ‘Click here to E-verify’.  

After E-verification of the TDS statements, the screen will provide options to use the Electronic Validation Code already generated or generate a new Electronic Validation Code. 

After selection of any of the required options, enter the Electronic Validation Code and then click on the button ‘Submit’.  

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  • By: Alicia owens12
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    There is no legal requirement to file a quarterly TDS return/statement if no tax was deducted at source. NSDL further believes that it is not required to file a NIL return if the deductor has not deducted any tax at source or if there is no transaction at all for a certain period.

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