Job Oriented Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Job Oriented Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Passing 12th is a very important stage of a career.  This is the time when a wise decision has to be taken regarding the career.  Because after that getting a job has become a special requirement.  Especially for 12th pass commerce students, the selection of the Best Online Accounting Courses in India for further careers is very challenging. 

The reason is that there are many options available for professional courses that are also the best job guarantee courses.  In the present times, in the era of changing economic scenarios and technological dimensions, the popularity of Finance and Accounting Courses is increasing in the context of jobs in finance and accounting.  Students are also able to understand the importance of skill development well in the context of the job. 

In this blog also know about those job-oriented courses for commerce graduates which can prove to be very effective in getting jobs after doing 12th commerce.

How to choose the best job-oriented course after 12th commerce?

First of all, students should brainstorm about themselves.  They should see what is their strong side, and need to do a self-assessment first like-

 1. What are their weaknesses?

 2. What kind of opportunities do they have?

 3. What is their interest? 

4. What kind of resources do they have? 

5. How have they kept dreaming?

After seriously considering all these important things, they should make their career plan.

Then a list of available job-oriented courses should be prepared. The correct information about the course should be kept in the list.

Then the courses collected in the list should be analyzed. Then after discussing with the seniors and experts whether the course is good, one should try to reach a better decision.

Best job-oriented online accounting courses are:

1. CA Foundation Course (CA):

Chartered Accountant Courses Online in India are most preferred for commerce students.  Due to the preference for more students, the level of competition for this is also high.  So, becoming a Chartered Accountant requires hard work. 

Registration for CA Foundation is done after passing high school and after passing 12th one has to appear in the foundation exam.  For any commerce student to become a CA, it is necessary to pass class 12th with at least 50% marks. You can join our CA foundation course at the entry-level of Chartered Accountancy, Also the course offered by the ICAI- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

In the CA exam, questions related to Accounting and Business Law, Business Mathematics, Business Economy, and Commercial Knowledge are asked.  In the job of CA, you have to see whether the financial affairs of the business or company are going on as per the laws set by the government.  While many companies keep their own CA, many small traders can get the service by paying a fee to the CA. 

After doing this course, high-paying employment is obtained, so you should know the  Importance of The Mock Test Series in The CA Exam.

2. Certified Corporate Accountant Course:

Academy Tax4Wealth has launched an excellent Job Guaranteed Course in Accounting which is known as the Online Certified Corporate Accountant course.  This online course is 100% job oriented as the entire focus is placed on improving accounting skills. 

This online accounting course focuses on a practical approach to understanding the aspects of -

1. Income Tax Certification Course

2. Tally Course Online

3. GST Course Online

4. Company Law

The syllabus of this course has been prepared by the eminent Practitioner Chartered Accountant of the country based on his experience.  This Job Oriented Course in Accounting is of 9 months duration with 3 months of online training followed by 6 months of internship.

Certified corporate accountant courses charge INR 90, 000 in common, it varies in line with the institution students apply for.

This course provides you with an excellent opportunity with a 100% job for pursuing global and local careers simultaneously. This is a job guarantee course that provides you paid internship with 100% job placement.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration Course:

After doing 12th with commerce, students can also do BBA ie Bachelor of Business Administration course.  The duration of this course is 3 years.  In which there are a total of 6 semesters.  The fee for this course ranges between Rs 40,000 to 1 lakh per semester. 

After doing this course, you can make a better career in business management.  You get plenty of job opportunities in Marketing, Banking, Corporate Sector, Finance Sector, and Human Resource Management.  After doing these Job Guaranteed Courses you can also enroll in MBA.

4. Cost and Work Accountant Course:

After doing 12th from commerce, cost and work accountant course can be done.  To do this online course, one has to do the CA foundation Course first, after which there is an opportunity to work in the posts related to the cast accountant.  Many institutes like Chandigarh University are offering this course.  Good paying jobs are available after this course.

Job is an essential fact for any person to fulfill the necessities of his life.  In the current economic scenario, there are more chances of getting a job by doing a job-oriented online accounting course.  After passing 12th, if youth become serious about career and try to do the job-oriented course, then it is a great thing for their bright future.

FAQs- About Job Oriented Courses After 12th Commerce:

1. What are the best job-oriented courses for commerce after the 12th?

Certified Corporate Accountant Course is one of the best job oriented course under the category job guaranteed courses for commerce after the 12th. This course period is 9 months of online training with paid Internships along with 100% Job Opportunities for Students. This is very popular in the commerce stream just like any professional course after 12th science.

2. What is the scope of CA after the 12th Commerce?

An aspirant needs rigorous study for the Chartered Accountant Course Online.

CA is one of all the established job-oriented courses after 12th Commerce. This course operates in areas like finance management, taxation, general management, and also the like. They will be used with any non-public or govt. firm, or might choose to practice independently.

3. How to do short-term courses after 12th Commerce?

Short-term courses after 12th Commerce will offer you an edge to explore your choices. Academy Tax4wealth an e-learning platform offers numerous short-term courses for Commerce students after the 12th. The period of those short-term courses for Commerce students might vary from a few days to a few months.

4. What are the job-oriented courses for girls after completing 12th?

Academy Tax4wealth provides some job-oriented courses for girls after completing 12th which are: -

1. Job Guaranteed Courses in Accounting 

2. GST Certification Courses

3. Stock Market Courses

4. Income Tax Certification Course

5. Company Law

6. Company Secretary Courses

7. Chartered Accountant Course Online

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