5 Best Preparation Tips to Clear CA Final Exam -CA Test Series

5 Best Preparation Tips to Clear CA Final Exam -CA Test Series

CA final exam is considered to be the toughest exam of the Chartered Accountant. To crack this exam, you cannot just rely on your hard work.  It is also an absolute necessity to be smart in your preparation strategy.  Let us discuss five important tips that will not only make your CA final exam strategy smart but also lay a strong foundation for your success.

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1. Escape the swamp of confusion:

The syllabus of the CA Final exam is sufficiently detailed. There are many books available on every dimension of the syllabus. The more books you read, the more you will fall into the quagmire of confusion. So don't be in a hurry to buy books.  After brainstorming enough, select certain books and revise those books again and again. 

Select books according to the subject.  Also, keep in mind that do not fix any specific range that you will keep only one book for every subject.  It is better to choose the book according to the demand of the subject.  Like one book for audit and another book for SA.

2. Prepare on a priority basis:

Syllabus wise all the papers are important in CA final exam. So its very important to include  all necessary topics in each CA Test Series for focusing on all the papers, try to prioritize a few.  Of course, the basis of such priorities will be the facility of guidance.  Therefore, your effort should be on a priority basis, focus on those subjects first, which can help you to get more than 60 marks.  Also, when formulating case laws, give priority to case laws that are new, relevant, and applicable.

It is to be noted here that only half the mark is given for writing the name of the case law. So if you are having trouble learning the name of the case law, don't worry.  Pay special attention to the conclusion.

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3. Keep updating by making notes:

The success of the tough CA Final Exam depends on how thorough you are with your preparation for revision in the days leading up to the exam.  Surely the notes made you during the preparation will prove to be very useful in this context.  Because the short notes for revision will be of immense help in reference to the comprehensive syllabus of the CA final exam.  Also, keep in mind that keep updating the notes as well.  ICAI must test your ability to stay updated.

4. Better answer presentation:

Better presentation of answers is of utmost importance in CA final exam.  In this exam, not the detail of the answer, the quality of the answer matters.  For the quality of the answer, it will be necessary that you understand the demand of the question well.  For this your regular answer writing becomes necessary. 

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 5. A systematic approach to preparation is also very important:

Another important factor for success in CA final exam is related to your mental and physical well-being.  Experts also consider it necessary for you to follow a practical timetable for the preparation to be organized, be healthy in the body, and be mentally relaxed.  If you have to demonstrate strong willpower in following a well-planned and well-planned timetable, then your diet control and regular exercise along with the intake of nutritious food becomes a necessary fact to stay healthy.  Positive thinking and regular yoga pranayama are necessary for mental strength..


CA final exam is one of the most prestigious exams in the country.  The above-mentioned tips can prove to be extremely helpful in your success.  Your strategy is very important for success in CA final exam.  Positive thinking, hard work, and smart strategy will only take you to the destination of success.

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