Top Accounting Certifications that Attract Recruiters

Top Accounting Certifications that Attract Recruiters

Earning Accounting Certifications is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take their career as a financial professional to the next level. Resources are required for any organization to conduct its activities. The organization focuses exclusively on revenue management for this resource.  Presently every organization is also focusing on revenue management. In such a situation, abundant employment opportunities are becoming available in the accounting field. Accounting Certifications not only increases your earning potential but also makes you eligible for the best positions.  Also, getting your accounting certification also forms the basis of your selection by the employer.

What is accounting certification?

Accounting certifications are credentials used by accounting professionals to level up their skills and advance in their careers.  Your career path, expertise, qualifications and resources matter in determining which accounting certifications is right for you.  Each accounting certification has specific educational and experience requirements and focuses on developing specific skills to achieve them.

What are the advantages of accounting certification?

Accounting certification is especially important for any accounting professional.  After getting the accounting certification, there is a huge help in the systematic and planned development of the career of the accounting professional, on the basis of which the professional can give maximum contribution to the organization according to his potential. This adds to the value of the professional and he becomes valuable to the organization.  As a result, it also provides financial benefits to the accounting professional.  Due to the development of accounting skills, many opportunities are also available for accounting professionals.

Some Major Accounting Certifications

1. Certified Financial Analyst:

Many companies require security analysts and asset managers in the context of financial investments.  The chief financial analyst is able to perform this task in a better way.  This accounting certifications is sponsored by the CFA Institute.  Earning this accounting certification opens up opportunities to serve as an equity analyst, hedge fund manager, chief financial officer or senior finance manager.  This credential requires four years of experience in financial services and a bachelor's degree.  The exam consists of three successive levels with a total time duration of 18 hours. Current requirements also include 20 hours of CPE credit.  Earning this accounting certification confirms financial knowledge and competence in the context of portfolio management, economics, and investment analysis.

2. Certified Internal Auditor:

The CIA certification is also important for professionals aspiring to pursue a career in internal auditing because it is internationally recognized.  It also attests to the level of technical proficiency with risk and control of the accounting attestation professional.  This certification also states that the professional is able to work with an internal employee as well as with an external client.  CIA certification supports the professional who cherishes the dream of becoming a Chief Audit Officer.  CIA requires a bachelor's degree with two years of internal audit experience. The exam consists of three levels of total exam time of 6.5 hours.

3. Certified Public Accountant (CPA):

The most popular is the CPA accounting certification.  This certification is considered essential for obtaining many accounting positions.  This Accounting Certifications indicates that the professional has the potential for a forensic accounting, risk management, compliance, top accounting role.  This certification credential is provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  The CPA accounting certification is widely recognized throughout the accounting industry.  Many companies prefer professionals with CPA accounting certification for managerial positions.  Financial professionals who obtain the CPA accounting certification get good job opportunities in public, private accounting, taxation.

 The test for the CPA accounting certification consists of four levels, which can be taken in any order.  Graduation with one year experience in accounting is required.

4. Certified Management Accountant (C M A):

The CMA Accounting certification clarifies that the professional has a level of competency in management, decision analysis, forecasting, internal control auditing.  This certification is sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants.  The CMA accounting certifications requires a professional to have a bachelor's degree with at least two years of continuous work experience in management accounting or financial management.  The exam consists of two levels of total eight hours. Current requirements include 30 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credit.

 It is generally seen that professionals aspiring to make a career in a multinational company try to obtain both the CPA and CMA accountancy certifications.

5. Enrolled Agent:

Enrolled agents are licensed by the government to represent taxpayers.  They give advice to the customers.  Prepares personal and business taxation and also deals with matters relating to tax audit. This accounting certification is provided by the IRS.  This requires the professional to pass a comprehensive three-part exam covering personal and business tax returns. Ongoing requirements include 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years.

6. Financial Services Audit Certificate:

FSAC states that the professional is proficient in cyber security risk, fraud risk, valuation, financial services audit, liquidity risk management, internal audit in financial services, market risk, model risk management, third party risk management.  FSAC is a specialized accounting certifications awarded by the Institute of Internal Auditors.  Requirements include passing an assessment based program with 11 subject areas.

7.Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA):

CGMA is a global certification for business and government to work with.  It conveys the accounting skills and expertise of the accounting certifications professional in developing strategies.  This accounting certification is jointly provided by AICPA and CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS.

 This accounting certification proves especially beneficial for professionals aspiring to be connected to a global network.  AICPA requires three years of experience in accounting.  Cima members automatically qualify.There is a written test of accounting competencies for this accounting certification which is conducted four times a year.

Apart from these, there are many other types of accounting certification opportunities are also available, which can be selected by the accounting professional based on their requirement and availability of resources.  But accounting certification definitely provides an opportunity on the basis of which the accounting professional can create excellent career growth prospects for himself by improving his competence.  Along with this, it can also generate possibilities of economic benefits for itself.


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