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Company Secretary is a pivotal function inside massive reputed firms. It is taken into consideration to be a high post in a business enterprise with a better job satisfaction rate. The commercial enterprise necessities have multiplied with converting times, ensuing in adjustments in commercial enterprise strategies, that have improved the obligations and duties of a business enterprise secretary inside an organization.

A company secretary is someone who plays the legal activities of an organization that they may be related to. A company secretary prepares and continues to tune all of the legal files of a company such as tax returns and compliance forms, and continues general facts in conjunction with comparing legal factors of a company.

A company secretary course is one of the primary help pillars of any business enterprise’s board of administrators and administrative workforce. A company secretary takes entire legal duty for a company via way of means of handling its legal topics and managing company governance simultaneously. One primary position that a company secretary has withinside the management of a business enterprise is to make certain that the business enterprise abides via way of means of all the regulatory and statutory compliance necessities. A company secretary guarantees that the choices of the business enterprise’s board of administrators and stakeholders are applied successfully.

The company secretary is a consultant of a business enterprise on its legal files and guarantees that the executive workforce is functioning in compliance with the business enterprise. A company secretary additionally connects with shareholders and guarantees that their dividends are paid off by the business enterprise at the same time as additionally maintains the annual facts of the business enterprise.


About Company Secretary Online Course:

The CS Executive Course is offered by Academy Tax4wealth. A company secretary online course is a distance studying course that becomes began to modify the career of a company secretary. With the proper blend of educational applications and practical training, the online course opens up incredible possibilities withinside the company sector. Aspirants inclined to pursue the Company Secretary course should go through different stages of a CS course.

Following are the Company Secretary Programs: -

  • Company Secretary Foundation Programme
  • Company Secretary Executive Programme
  • Company Secretary Professional Programme
  • Company Secretary internship Training

Important Highlights for Company Secretary:

  1. The CS program is a 2–3-year course. As aspirants who have completed their 12 or graduated from a recognized institute.
  2. The CS entrance exam happens twice a year in June and December online as well as offline mode.
  3. Students are required to pass three levels of the CS program i.e. Company Secretary Foundational, Company Secretary Executive, and Company Secretary Professional to become a company secretary in India.
  4. The UGC has provided the CS course a status that is equivalent to a postgraduate degree.

Who Should Do Company Secretary Course?

  • Students who are interested and passionate about the field of law, commerce, and finance.
  • Those who want to work in a reputed valuable position within renowned giant firms.
  • Those who want to work directly with the top company executives and provide legal and financial advice to them.
  • Wants to earn higher salaries with a good work-life balance.

Why Choose CS Course?

  1. Students may choose to become a CS because it’s a highly rewarding career with a plethora of job opportunities.
  2. Students can earn an excellent growth trajectory along with a high-paying salary.
  3. Students can learn excellent legal skills, solid communication skills, good critical thinking, and problem-solving aptitude.
  4. Job duties and responsibilities would be to handle tax returns, ensure dividends are paid off on time to the shareholders, and manage financial and other legal regulations.

What are the Skills Required for Company Secretary?

  • Aspirants should have excellent knowledge of Company Law and Finance Law
  • Fluent Communication Skills
  • Aspirants need to require hardworking aptitude as this job requires you to deal with a lot of administrative activities of a firm.
  • A CS is the one who is responsible for producing the minutes of each meeting so they should have a sharp mind and quick decision-making skills.
  • Company Secretary must also be upfront as they have big decision-making responsibilities related to corporate governance and statutory compliances.

What are the Scopes After Completing Company Secretary Course in India and Abroad?

  1. Company Secretary is a highly rewarding and respectable position within a form along with a good work-life balance and high-paying salary and excellent growth opportunities in India as well as abroad.
  2. As a qualified CS, you will be able to easily find jobs in public sectors, private sectors, banking institutions, etc.
  3. After qualifying as a CS then you will be able to open your consulting firm.

What is the Career Option after Completing Company Secretary Course in India and Abroad?

  1. Chief Administrative Officer
  2. Corporate Planner
  3. Legal Advisor
  4. Business Consultant
  5. Corporate Policymaker
  6. Administrative Secretary
  7. Managing Director
  8. Member of Board of Directors
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