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Discover the best online corporate law courses with Practical Training at Academy Tax4wealth. Know here all about career options in corporate law.

Corporate law is a specific branch of law that involves finding out the regulation of organizations or firms. It proves to be helpful once it involves handling business choices in an exceedingly legal format. Online courses associated with certifications in this field are designed to produce an in-depth insight into legal dynamics in any company sector. With increasing growth in corporate sectors within the previous couple of decades, the demand for corporate law courses conjointly increased.

 This corporate law course will also provide you with knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations involved in setting up corporate firms. In a nutshell, corporate law helps in understanding the fundamentals of forming and managing organizations.

While there are some comprehensive online job-oriented courses and company law certification courses that you simply might notice.

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If you want to learn an online company law course after 12th commerce, you can find it at Academy Tax4wealth which assists you to study law online at an affordable price.

However, if you would like a certificate for constant, you would have to pay. To assist you with this, we've compiled different topics for online company law in India that cover all the aspects of the topic of the Job Oriented Courses.

After completing their Job Oriented Courses with a specialization in corporate law, students can start their careers as corporate lawyers or in any other profession in they have to pursue. After completing this job-guaranteed course, students need to check and ensure legal compliance in all the commercial transactions of the business enterprise or company.

Learning Outcomes:

Well, this is one of the best course under the job-oriented courses in Accounting at Academy Tax4wealth to help students and other professionals to know about corporate laws and their significance. Online Accounting Courses and certifications from Academy Tax4wealth in corporate law can help you acquire excellent knowledge of the field.

βœ… Good understanding of various business organizations.
βœ… Learning capital raising procedures by firms.
βœ… In-depth knowledge of legal contracts.
βœ… Legal aspects of accounting and auditing of the firms.
βœ… Understanding the ideas of legal drafting.
βœ… Understanding of business rescue proceedings in an exceedingly lawful manner.

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A Career in Corporate Law: Skills Required:

The skills needed to pursue a course in corporate law are provided below.

βœ… Numerical ability
βœ… Negotiation skills
βœ… Good foresight
βœ… Excellent verbal and written communication skills or interpersonal skills
βœ… Detailed orientation
βœ… Analytical ability
βœ… Ability to maintain confidentiality
βœ… Stress management ability
βœ… Sound judgment skills
βœ… Skills of a team player
βœ… Researching skills
βœ… Pertinent legal knowledge
βœ… Convincing skills
βœ… People skills
βœ… Ability to comprehend the prevailing business scenario and predict the upcoming business trends and changes
βœ… Tech-savvy
βœ… The professional must be organized and patient
βœ… Time management skills

A Career in Corporate Law: Pros

There are several pros to taking this job-oriented course which are given below: 

βœ… It’s a profession in which a student gets a reasonable period to search for an occupation elsewhere if he or she wishes to resign from the existing job positions in a firm.
βœ… The study of corporate law helps achieve relatively more job security with determination and suitable time savings.
βœ… After completing the Corporate Law course professionals, are held in high esteem.
βœ… A corporate law course is one of the highest rewarded online courses of a firm.
βœ… Students can handle a variety of corporate issues and hold distinct abilities.

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A career in Corporate Law: FAQs 

1: What is the minimum percentage required in the 10+2 exam to get admission to the job guarantee program?

To get admission in the job guarantee program, the minimum percentage requirement is 45% in the senior secondary exam from a recognized board of study. 

2: What is the duration of corporate law courses?

The duration of law courses specialized in corporate law offered at the academy Tax4wealth is four months. 

3: What are the skills required to do a corporate law course? 

To become an expert in corporate law, the skills required are excellent verbal and written communication skills or interpersonal skills, detailed orientation, analytical ability, ability to maintain confidentiality, stress management ability, sound judgment, skills of a team player, researching skills, pertinent legal knowledge, persuasive skills, people skills.

4: What are the job opportunities after pursuing this online corporate law course? 

The job opportunities after pursuing this corporate law course are legal advisors, legal executives, oath commissioners, judges, lawyers, solicitors, and notary public.

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5: What is the initial salary package offered after pursuing corporate law? 

The offered package depends on the student’s skills, internship expertise, and knowledge of the law relevant to the following field.

6: In which companies I can get a job after pursuing an online course in corporate law?

Academy Tax4wealth is an e-learning platform where aspirants can pursue an online course in corporate law, the students can get a job in legal companies and corporate law firms.

7: Does corporate law have a good career scope in India?

Corporate law is one of the foremost potent and versatile career choices in India. Not only the non-public sectors but even the govt. sectors have tons of job opportunities. An individual who has the proper hand within the corporate law field will get opportunities to figure in firms, banks, and even law companies.

8: Which is the best company law course online?

A Career in Corporate Law - Practical Training is one of India’s best-preferred law courses. These Courses After 12th Commerce are an integrated course that can be opted for by the law aspirants right after completing School, which would help them develop the skill set required for a career in corporate law.

9: Are there any short-term corporate online law courses available on the internet to learn?

Yes, Academy Tsx4wealth is one of the best e-learning platforms which provides aspiring students with short-term online courses to prosper in this field. Our specialty is to provide students with video Classes and, later on, Training processes. At last, after the time of completion, students are appreciated through an e-certificate and Job opportunities.

βœ… Basic: - (5 to 6 hours)

1. Company definition

2. Type of company

3. Brief about MOA/AOA

βœ… Technical: - (4 to 5 hours)

1. Incorporation process

 Company (Pvt) Check Name

a.) RUN- Spice Part A

b.) SPICE Part B

c.) Agile Pro

d.) MOA – INC -34

e.) AOA – INC -33

Including all documents

2. OPC 

(RUN) Spice Part – A

βœ… SPICE Part – B – (4 to 5 hours)

a.) Agile

b.) Drafting/MOA

c.) Drafting/AOA

d.) Nomination Form

βœ… L.L.P (4 to 5 hours)


Filling Form (+) Attachment

L.L.P form -3

L.L.P Deed

βœ… Section 8 (10 Hours)

Same as above  

(+) Attachment extra

(+) Government Approval

βœ… Commencement of business 

INC-20 A form (+) Attachment

A list of compliance needs to maintain after incorporation 

1. Member is registered – 4 hours

2. List of directors – 2 hours

3. Share certificates – 4 hours

Attraction in M.O.A/A.O. A

a.) Name Clause – 5 hours

b.) Address Class – 10 hours

• Same Area

• Same City

• Change of State

• Change of ROC

c.) Capital Clause – 4 hours

d.) Object Clause – 4 hours

e.) How to apply D.I.N No

• (+) Document for application

• DIR -02 drafting

• Filling of DIR -03

βœ… Other compliances

1. Appointment of director – 3 hours

2. Removal of director – 3 hours

3. Appointment of Auditor – 3 hours

4. Change of shareholders – 3 hours

5. Fresh issues of shares

βœ… General Meeting (10 hours)

1. Annual Filling

2. AOC – 4 – 3 hours

3. MUT – 7 A/7 – 4 hours

βœ… Accountants and Tax Practitioners

βœ… MBA Finance

βœ… LLB Practitioners and Aspirants


βœ… BBA

βœ… Govt. Officials

βœ… CA, CS, ICWA

βœ… IAS Aspirants

βœ… CA Aspirants

βœ… Business Person 

βœ… Students

βœ… 3 hours course all sections

βœ… Live Q&A

βœ… Live Plus Recorded Session

βœ… 6 PPTs with detail can download

βœ… 180 days of access to record videos 

βœ… Access on Mobile, Laptop, and TV

βœ… Access to months of Query Sessions on Telegram

βœ… Certificate of Completion

βœ… Video-on-demand

βœ… Ranked Top Courses in India

βœ… Award-Winning Trainers

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