Why Technical Analysis .
Study of Charts.
Support and resistance levels.
Candlestick patterns.
Chart Patterns .
Trend Analysis.
Practical usage of Indicators and oscillators.
Trading Psychology and Risk Management.

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What is Technical Analysis? Study of Market/Price Action Through the use of charts Forecasting future price trends The study of past market data Stock prices are determined by supply and demand Shifts in supply and demand cause reversals in trends Trends and reversals in trend can be seen in charts Chart patterns tend to repeat themselves
SUPPORT Levels/Zone A support line refers to that level beyond which a stock’s price will not fall. It denotes the price level at which there is a sufficient amount of demand to stop. RESISTANCE Levels/Zone Resistance is a horizontal ceiling where the pressure to sell is greater than the pressure to buy
Basic Principles and Understanding of Dow Theory Dow Theory is named after Charles H Dow, who is considered the father of Technical Analysis. Dow Theory is very basic and more than 100 years old but still remains the foundation of Technical Analysis.

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