Best Practical Accounting Training Provider

Best Practical Accounting Training Provider

At Academy Tax4wealth, we offer excellent practical accounting training utilizing authentic business papers under the direction of licensed accountants. As a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants, we have been offering a variety of accounting services to different organizations for more than 2 years. These services include bookkeeping, payroll, VAT returns, management accounts, final accounts, tax returns, and auditing. Under the guidance of certified accountants and utilizing actual company files, we provide office-based and Practical Accounting training. We train candidates to work as Financial Accountants, Management Accountants, auditors, Assistant Accountants, and Bookkeepers at various levels in the accounting industry.

Best Practical Accounting Training Provider - Enroll in our career-focused Practical Accountancy Training Courses on actual company files under the guidance of certified accountants.

For students after grade 10, our Certified Corporate Accountant Course comes with a 100% job guarantee. We have a sizable team of certified auditors and accountants. Our training programs are geared to prepare you for the workforce. Every training session is one-on-one and hands-on. Working on Real Company Files will be your responsibility while being supervised by Qualified Chartered Accountants.

You can become a bookkeeper, accounts assistant, or software-using accountant with the help of our practical accounting training. You will be offered the opportunity to work as a trainee on a work placement in one of our partner companies after completing the Practical Accountancy Training.

Our recruitment advisors will assist you in creating a professional resume and interview preparation when you complete the Practical Accounting Training. Your CV will show this practical accounting training as work experience, which will increase your employability.

To make you a job-ready candidate after successfully finishing Practical Accounting Training, our expert accountants will assist you in obtaining your formal certificates.

The Problem & Our Approach -

Problem 1: Students purchase online accounting courses to increase their skills even after spending more money, they are still not content with the outcome.

Problem 2: The market has very few possibilities for specialized solutions. We have CA professionals who create new courses and have skills to address student issues and ensure total client happiness.

Problem 3: The quality of products is also a major concern. We are making sure to the development of quality products.

Problem 4: Globally, education has been halted because of COVID-19. Over 200 million students were unemployed worldwide. With the emergence of e-learning, our job-oriented courses are now delivered online and through digital platforms.

Problem 5: The availability of practical skills in some rural communities is severely constrained due to a lack of local provision for such practical training. Many students still struggle with a lack of company management expertise that prevents them from realizing their future goals.

Problem 6: Pre-loaded tablets are more beneficial than live online classes. In rural areas, students are failed to join live online classes due to poor internet connectivity. Except for stormy days, electricity connection is not a problem, but internet connection is a hurdle. We provide customize and create a rich content repository on the tablets for the students.

Our Customised Solutions -

  • Your organization can save up to 1 lakh rupees for your training cost. If you decide to hire our well-trained interns.
  • We prepare our students for your organization, we put them through an exhausting 8–10 hours of practical training in CA firms as businesses and with other industries.
  • Your organization will be benefited from our experienced trainees with maximum output and productivity.
  • Within the following working hour, our skilled trainer will deliver the output to your organization.
  • After recruiting our well-trained trainees, the members of your firm will have less handholding work to do.
  • Elimination of consultants and reduction of your company's hiring costs.
  • We are ready to save your training costs as well as your time.
  • Our well-trained students will avoid mistakes and errors in your organization.
  • Will give you a skilled trainee who has completed 6 months of hands-on training at a CA firm/corporate organization.
  • Our trainee will have familiar knowledge of the organization’s culture, job role & work environment.

Job-Oriented Programs -

1. GST Course with Practical Training | 100% Job Placement (6 MONTHS) - click here

2. Certificate Course in Income Tax with Practical Training (6 MONTHS)- click here

3. Complete Practical Course in TDS with e-Filing (3 MONTHS)- click here

4. Career in Corporate Law - 100% Practical Training (4 MONTHS)- click here

5. Tally Complete Practical Course with Certification (6 MONTHS)- click here

Why Choose us

  • We provide you with an Offer Letter (Letter of Intent) once you enroll in the course
  • 100% Job Placements in CA Firms or Companies
  • 6-Month Paid Internship (Rs. 3,000/Month)
  • 100% Refund if you don't get a job placement within 9 months
  • Topics Covered: Income Tax, GST, Tally, Company Law
  • Get real-time experience with Client Data
  • Get experience in how to handle Government deadlines
  • Get working experience in the Office Environment
  • The working hours for Internships are from 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Tablet with pre-loaded content
  • Hostel Accommodation service for students

Who can buy -

Anyone who wants to build a career in the finance sector

Placement Support -

For students and candidates looking for the best career route, we offer a platform. We have a sizable database of Government and Private registered corporations with specialized needs for job-ready employees.

When it comes to the hiring of people, we take a research-based approach. To find the best candidates for our recruiters, we conduct interviews, administer tests, analyze records, and perform other duties.

To connect candidates with their ideal jobs, we strive to act as a bridge.


Academy Tax4wealth is a well-known & reputable e-learning firm in India today, serving as a source of online education in the form of online accounting courses for students as well as providing 100% practical training & employment opportunities. The focus of their practical accounting courses is skill development. Their goal is to develop young brains while offering appropriate direction and support through online financial practical training.

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