Income Tax Course with Practical Training & Placement

Learn How To Prepare Taxes and become an Income Tax Professional.

The Income Tax Certificate Course is the preferred method of picking up new skills for working professionals. They're self-paced and can be completed quickly. This Job Guaranteed Courses can prepare students for their careers by providing  job placement and be more confident in getting ready for their taxes and also the taxes of others. This course can visually and logically explain Taxation and its applications through situations and examples.

Students will get videos that will explain the course. These videos are followed by another set of videos with examples and scenarios that will help you to understand the application of the Income Tax even better. You'll be able to study the course lessons at your own pace. However, students can finish it very fast since the videos are descriptive. Get equipped with the correct materials, review the course, and start preparing for this course!

The Tax Industry isn’t going anywhere own or operating for a Business that's always in demand. Don’t wait just grab this course which provides a Job guarantee!

In contrast, if you are looking for an Accounting Based Course then, you may look into GST Course with Practical Training and get a Job Placement.

We will cover every topic of Income Tax from basics to gain a deep understanding of practical problems and filing Income Tax Returns and TDS returns at the Income Tax portal and free cloud-based software system.

1. Why Choose Income Tax Course from Academy Tax4wealth?

✅ Career Development: - Gain a solid foundation that can result in a satisfying career in tax preparation. Learn tax theory, current tax laws, and filing practices.

✅ Skilled Instructors: - Learn from experienced Income Tax Experts, and receive a certificate of completion and Job Opportunities.

✅ Unique Approach: - This course includes PPT and active interactive learning. You’ll complete real-world tax preparation exercises and receive one-on-one expert help.

2. What are the Top Job Options After Completing This Taxation Course?

On finishing a certificate course in Taxation offered by Academy Tax4wealth, many jobs open in numerous industries for the graduates. Depending on the job applied the typical regular payment and job demands can modification. The details of the foremost popular job profiles are as follows.

✅ Tax Analyst: Tax Analysts help in the preparation, review, and filing of taxes for people and businesses. Tax Analysts conjointly search for ways to assist reduce the tax amount to be paid. Most Tax Analysts work full-time jobs in organizations or as contractors.

✅ Accountants: Accountants are individuals who are hired to look after the financial records of companies. They prepare and maintain money statements and prepare predictions to support them. Another part of their job responsibility is to arrange tax statements to submit at the end of the yr.

✅ Finance Manager: Finance Managers perform financial analysis and provide money recommendations to organizations to create vital financial decisions. They look after the potential investments and conjointly prepare plans and methods to appear when the long money profit.

✅ Tax Accountant: Tax Accountants take care of the tax statements of organizations and individual purchasers. They're specialists in tax laws and facilitate the taxes of organizations when getting ready ways. Tax Accountants need in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and policies.

✅ Tax Advisor: Tax Advisors are specialists in Income Tax and Financial Accounting. They assist the search for ways to reduce the amount of taxes to be paid.

3. What's the Course Duration, Eligibility, and Fee?

Everyone ought to take this Income Tax Certification Course and perceive the filing necessities, credit options, and refunds they can claim. This course can alter your plan for your taxes far better in the future. The full Course period is 6 months and also the worth of this course is 60,000 after a discount. Students also can enjoy the installment method as well.

Wish to know more about FAQ on GST Certification Courses,  click here 👉 FAQ- Income Tax Certification Course

How to File ITR with practical – 1
How to File ITR with practical – 2
How to File ITR with practical – 3
✅ Analyze and understand Indian Online Income Tax Return.
✅ Analyzed and understandable taxation.
✅ Analyze and understand business income in online income tax.
Analyzing and understanding Income Tax returns (ITR) in practice.
✅ Learn and understand Income Tax Return Filing.
Learn and understand how to do the ITR filling courses online.
✅ Presumptive Taxation Practical Part 1
Presumptive Taxation Practical Part-2
✅ Presumptive Taxation Practical Part-3
✅ Presumptive Taxation Practical Part-4
Intensive data on Tax Audit beneath Income-tax Act, 1961
✅ Section 44AB & 44AD of the Income-tax Act, 1961 & Rule 6G of the Income-tax Rules, 1962
✅ Overview and Analysis of kinds No. 3CA and 3CB
✅ How to take guidance from ICAI
✅ Guidance notes on Tax Audit whereas Conducting Tax Audit
✅ Last Date of getting the Tax Audit Report beneath Section 44AB a way to Check Eligibility for Tax Audit U/s 44AB
✅ Finance Professionals 
✅ MBA Finance
✅ GST Professionals
✅ Senior Finance Executive
✅ Students
✅ Business Person
✅ Job Guarantee
✅ Free Tablet for the students
✅ Video on demand
✅ Live & Recorded Sessions
✅ PPT with Details can download
✅ 180 days of access to recorded videos
✅ Access to 6 months of Query Sessions on Telegram
✅ Compatible with Mobile, Laptop, and TV
✅ Certificate after Completion

Course Timeline:

Course Meterials

How to File Income Tax Return ITR-1(Part-1)

How to File Income Tax Return ITR-1(Part-2)

How to File Income Tax Return ITR-2

How to File Income Tax Return ITR-4

CA Himanshu

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CA Himanshu Kumar, as a Chartered Accountant by profession, has helped establish several German, Canadian and US-based companies in India and his clientele includes leading financial services companies, media houses, and IT majors.

His Experiences:

He is an expert in International Financial Reporting Standards, US GAAP, etc. Also, he has provided support to many transnational companies expanding or running their businesses in India. Today, companies can proudly say that it has been instrumental in the crafting of several fund-raising success stories for both organizations and start-ups, which have now developed into full-fledged businesses.

Mr. Kumar Mission and Vision are:

  • To transform the business world by giving entrepreneurs a platform that enables them to leverage their base of supporters, which could comprise friends, family, etc., and raise collective funds/capital.

  • He also seeks out potential investors and aims to create a fresh pool of funds while advocating and mentoring many new flourishing companies. It is his firm belief that his company can add value to start-ups in their growth story.

His specialization:

  • Company Incorporation

  • Income Tax Matter - GST, VAT, Service Tax Matter & ROC Work

  • Appeal to CIT

  • Companies Act, NBFC, RBI & FDI

  • Startup FundingStartup Business Strategy and Advising Investors

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