Key functions of departmental Auditor under GST

Key functions of departmental Auditor under GST

As a Departmental Auditor under GST law, you will typically scrutinize various documents to ensure compliance with the GST regulations. Some of the documents you may review during your audit include:

GST Returns: You will review the GST returns filed by the taxpayer to verify the accuracy of the information provided, such as the turnover, tax liability, input tax credit claimed, etc.

Invoices: You will examine the invoices issued by the taxpayer to verify if they have charged the correct GST rate, issued the invoice within the stipulated time, and included all the required details such as the GSTIN of the supplier and recipient, HSN/SAC codes, etc.

Payment Vouchers: You will review the payment vouchers to ensure that the taxpayer has paid the correct amount of GST and has availed of the input tax credit appropriately.

Input Tax Credit Registers: You will scrutinize the input tax credit registers to verify that the taxpayer has claimed input tax credit only for eligible goods and services and has maintained proper records.

E-way Bills: You will examine the e-way bills generated by the taxpayer to ensure that they have been generated for the correct value and have been validly authenticated.

Audited Financial Statements: You will review the audited financial statements to ensure that the taxpayer has properly accounted for all GST-related transactions and has disclosed all relevant information in the financial statements.

Potential fraud or noncompliance: You would need to be alert to the possibility of fraud or noncompliance by the taxpayer. This would involve looking for unusual transactions or patterns of behaviour and conducting additional testing or investigation as needed.

Overall, your role as a Departmental Auditor will be to review and scrutinize these documents and ensure that the taxpayer is complying with the GST law and regulations.

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