Top 5 e- Learning Platforms for Accounting Courses in India

Top 5 e- Learning Platforms for Accounting Courses in India

What is an e-Learning Platform?

In general, an eLearning platform is taken into consideration to be a facts machine that schools, universities, and companies use for training/education. However, there’s no settlement on what particular functions it ought to have.

Some recollect it to be extra like a content management system (CMS), a few see it as a learning management system (LMS), others regard an eLearning platform as a computer-supported learning system (CSCLS), and still, others see it as a digital network of college students, tutors, and professors the usage of expertise control strategies.

What is LMS?

LMS Stands for the Learning Management system and relies upon the organization’s objectives, online education strategy, and preferred outcomes. It is usually used to install and tune online education initiatives. Technically thinking, LMS is a considerable repository to keep and tune facts. There are sure LMS deployments alternatives which include Cloud computing, self-hosted, desktop, and cell applications.

LMS Features & Capabilities:

• Reports & Analytics

• Content creation & Content Control

• Assessment creation & Assessment control

• Learning item repository (LOR)

• Student & Instructor portals

• Collaboration tools

• Progress Data & Analytics

Now, let’s take an in-depth take a observe five top-appearing eLearning structures available in the marketplace in 2022.

Academy Tax4wealth:

Tax4wealth is an interactive e-learning platform providing video-based courses with practical training related to subjects in finance, Income Tax, and Wealth Management online. Our main objective is to create a practical-based `educational video relevant to our courses as well as informative content meticulously designed to cater to the need of the professional world and corporates. And thereby skilling our youth to contribute positively to India’s growth story and simultaneously shape their career.

Our offered courses and practical-based content are not only a way forward in their professional journey or career, but we also guarantee to place them with the successful completion of the course, by providing in-house practical training and a paid internship.


  • Academy Tax4Wealth provides quality content in the areas of Finance and Wealth Management.

  • Provide practical-based content with our CA Practicing Professional And thereby skilling our youth to contribute positively to India’s growth story and simultaneously shape their career.

  • Provide practical training and a paid internship.

  • Allow all the teaching institutions from our domain to scale their business without any investment with us.

  • The 360-degree solution to our channel partners.

  • Provide white labeling solutions to the coaching institution in our domain.

  • Nurture new talent on the related subject matter by providing them with our resources.

  • Prices are low with discounts to attract more students

  • Also available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and on our websites (


Udemy is an American online gaining knowledge of the platform, that pursuits accomplishing out to college students and experts. It ends in the worldwide gaining knowledge of and coaching marketplace, which connects tens of thousands and thousands of college students to the capabilities they want to succeed. Until currently Udemy noticed approximately 50 million college students and 57,000 teacher coaching guides throughout. Over 295 million direction enrolments were stated in this platform, maximum of that are from the U.S. Students were visible accomplishing guides enhancing job-associated capabilities.


  • Lifetime validity on guides after buying the course

  • Contents are often up to date giving extra possibilities to analyze and enhance capabilities

  • No time restrict for viewing the bought guides

  • Courses can be stored offline through a plethora of downloadable assets

  • Learners can without directly ask inquiries to the course trainers


BYJU’s- the learning knowledge app and is one of the main instructional eras and online tutoring corporations in India. It is likewise the logo calls for Think and Learns Private Ltd. In March 2019. This eLearning organization is thought to increase K12 gaining knowledge of telephone apps that gives extraordinarily effective, adaptive, and engaging knowledge of programs. They do not most effectively serve college students however additionally have their hands-on running shoe education for numerous aggressive tests which include IIT-JEE, CAT, GRE, IAS, and others.


  • An engaging set of video lectures for college students covering all of the subjects in an educational year for higher preparation.

  • The course modules use thoroughly-designed software programs to offer limitless exercise papers to assist students to enhance and improvise.

  • The course videos are in keeping with numerous instructional forums with instructional applications for CBSE and different state forums.

  • The specialized content material for JEE, CAT, and IAS are the captivating offers at BYJUs.

  • Flexible pricing for applications relying on the classes.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy empowers learners to look at their very own pace, in and outdoors the classroom. With the usage of the modern-day era, smart learning apps make gaining knowledge extra enticing and interesting.


  1. The mission is to offer free, international-elegance education for anyone, everywhere

  2. A Personalized Learning Resource for all ages

  3. Trusted Content & an international classroom

  4. Free Tools for parents and Empower Teachers

  5. From humble beginnings to a world-class team


Simplilearn is a platform to pursue exceptional online guides and it gives free gaining knowledge of assets authored by enterprise experts. With over 400+ guides which include Big Data, Hadoop, and Digital Marketing, it has helped lots of running experts see new heights in their careers. The courses include audio and visible E-learning knowledge of content material, quizzes, simulation tests, e-books, and plenty of extras.


  1. Higher Quality Learning

  2. Communal Interactions

  3. Easy-to-Use Platform

  4. Responsive Customer Support

  5. Multiple Available Platforms


The eLearning companies in India are running efficiently with the valuable government, state government, and instructive sheets to make the cloud degree common. Open-supply gaining knowledge management can manual you in designing and deploying eLearning experiences. Anyone can increase this type of through a mobile app improvement organization that may assist in organizing eLearning content material in a single area whilst taking part in limitless get right of entry to eLearning materials.

Learn to earn with Academy Tax4wealth by purchasing 100 % job placement by joining Job Guaranteed Courses in Accounting.

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