Get Ms Excel Certificate Course

Our Online Certification Course covers the basic and advanced concepts of data analysis in Excel. This course allows you to learn MS Excel.

Get Ms Excel Certificate Course

This Excel Course Online will train students with advanced responsibilities in Microsoft Excel. In this advanced Excel course, you'll study Alternative Data Sets, Dynamic Worksheets with PivotTables, VLOOKUP, and INDEX-Match with examples.
Excel is one of the most used workplace programs.

However, customers without education support usually only use 10% of the functionality of Excel. Excel lets you organize, analyze, update, and present your statistics to make better selections primarily based totally on one’s analyses.

This Advanced Excel Course Online will offer you primary understanding and knowledge that you could construct upon within additional education to ultimately come to be an Excel expert.

Understand the idea of Excel and study basic Excel skills. Discover what Excel is the most beneficial for. In this basic course, you'll learn how to create error-free spreadsheets and master preliminary calculations.


VLOOKUP and INDEX-MATCH formulation are the most powerful functions in Excel. Lookup formulations are available in reachable every time you need to have Excel automatically return the price, product ID, address, or some other associated value from a table based on some lookup value. The VLOOKUP characteristic may be used while the research value is withinside the left column of your table or while you need to go back to the final value in a column.

The INDEX and MATCH functions can be utilized in aggregate to do the equal thing, however, offer extra flexibility without a number of the restrictions of VLOOKUP.

Methods to apprehend this course: 

Your expert will guide you through the manual concept & functions in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. If necessary, you can pause video pictures or even rewind and watch them again. Beyond the online training videos, there are lots of useful handouts, exercise materials, and quizzes if you want to ensure you get the maximum out of this education.

Why this Course is Suitable for You: 

  • If, you are an Excel beginner
  • If, you desire to gain a foundational understanding of Excel
  • If, you want to create and work with digital spreadsheets


To make sure your achievement on this online course, you ought to have end-user capabilities with any modern version of Windows, inclusive of being capable of starting programs, transferring among programs, finding stored files, closing programs, and getting admission to websites with the usage of an internet browser.
• The understanding taught withinside the course Microsoft 365 – Learn, Understand and Use Basic Functions and Concepts or practical experience is useful to comply with the content material proven in this education more easily.

Benefits from MS Excel Certification Course: -

  • Certificate of Participation
  • The study material will be in PPT format
  • FAQ: We will answer your all question on telegram
  • Live Sessions during this course

Course Timeline:
  • Tips and tricks to increase efficiency and intelligent use of formulae to wrap up your work on time
  • Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • Learn the most common Excel functions used in the Office
  • Build a solid understanding of the Basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables
  • Use Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis.
  • Use logical and lookup functions to transform, link, and categorize data.
  • Understand the different types of data in Excel and use appropriate functions to work with them.
  • Be comfortable navigating the Excel user interface, entering, manipulating, and formatting data.
  • Easy explanation of complex formulae to give you an edge at the working font and increase your efficiency
  • Live Q&A
  • Live & Recorded Session
  • PPT with Details can download
  • 180 days access to recorded videos
  • Access on Mobile, Laptop and TV
  • Access to 6 months of Query Sessions on Telegram
  • Certificate of completion
  • Video-on-demand
  • Ranked Top Excel Courses in India
  • Award-Winning Trainers
  • Accountant and Tax Practitioners
  • MBA Finance
  • LLB Practitioners and Aspirants
  • Govt. Officials
  • IAS Aspirants
  • CA Aspirants
  • Business Person
  • Student
Functions Index 1 TRIM 2 If Function 3 If with And 4 If with Or 5 What is Vlookup
Index 1 Sorting and Advanced Sorting 2 Auto Filter and Advanced Filter 3 Trace Precedents and Dependents
Excel Test designed ...

Course Meterials

Ms Excel Part 1

Functions Index 1 TRIM 2 If Function 3 If with And 4 If with Or 5 What is Vlookup

Ms Excel Part 2

Index 1 Sorting and Advanced Sorting 2 Auto Filter and Advanced Filter 3 Trace Precedents and Dependents

Microsoft Excel Test

Excel Test designed ...

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  • By: Aman kumar
    8 months ago

    Great course, easy to follow, so glad I've been able to learn a great deal more!

  • By: Dhananjay Kumar Ray
    8 months ago

    This is a wonderful excel course. Each content is very clear and realistic. I am happy to join this course and looking forward to other courses.

  • By: Mohan Kumar
    8 months ago

    Great Instructor, great explanation, and exercises that make sense. I was able to follow instructions and complete exercises.

  • By: Pritam singh
    8 months ago

    I learned a lot of good stuff that I can apply to my job.

  • By: Sachin kumar
    5 months ago

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