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Mutual Fund for Beginners With Bharti Chawla • How to start investing and what financial product to invest in? • Investments in Mutual Funds: • Two Types of MF: Time Period a) Open-Ended Fund: an investor can invest or enter and redeem or exit at any point of time b) Closed-Ended Funds: These funds have a fixed maturity date. • Mainly Two types of Mutual Funds Equity Funds and Debt Funds: a. Equity Funds: b. Sector Specific Funds c. Index funds d. Tax saving funds: Two Types of options also Growth and Dividend • Debt Funds • Money market funds or liquid funds • Fixed income or debt mutual funds • Balanced funds • Hybrid / Monthly Income Plans (MIP) • GOLD Mutual Funds: Today Gold is a very high level, if you want to invest then there is an option, you can invest in Gold ETF it is also a kind of Mutual Fund which invest in Gold. Invest in Digital Gold instead through Gold Mutual Funds. Their investment value depends upon the price of Gold. With the added advantage of no storage cost, complete safety of underlying Gold, instant liquidity, no wastage through making or melting charges, Gold Mutual Funds are one of the most convenient ways to invest & accumulate Gold as an asset class. • Taxation of Mutual Funds: a. 1Holding Period (Equity) 12 Months or more Long Term otherwise short term b. Equity Exposure More Than 65% then equity fund otherwise debt fund. c. LTCG tax is applicable on equity funds at the rate of 10% if the capital gains exceed Rs 1 lakh a year, and there is no benefit of indexation. d. STCG tax is applicable on equity funds at the rate of 15%. e. Holding Period (Debt) 36 Months or more Long Term otherwise short term f. Long-term capital gains on debt funds are taxable at the rate of 20% after indexation. g. Short-term capital gains on debt funds are taxable as per the Income Tax Slab of Investor.

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