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GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is a service tax that is paid by consumers to the business owners when availing of their services. This tax is then redirected to the government. This makes GST an indirect tax. It was created with the aim of replacing the plethora of taxes that existed before, like the Services Tax, VAT, Central Excise tax, etc. It was created to remove the blanket of taxes that were to be paid by consumers on different occasions. So to create a uniform taxation system in the country, GST was created.

In India, Vajpayee had created a committee with the Finance Minister of West Bengal, Asim Dasgupta, as the head to create the GST model. It is applicable in all major countries of the world other than the US. Before GST, businesses had the liberty to charge anything from their customers as a form of tax. To abolish such unfettered freedom, the GST taxation system was introduced.

The main idea behind it was to create a back-end technology to keep a tab of all taxes collected from various businesses, thus contributing to making a revenue model.


A GST Certification course will help any individual gain insightful knowledge about the GST since it is a very new law enacted, so there are many confusions about the Act. There are also various procedures that business owners need to do to file for GST and maintain it accordingly. So many people and businesses need help with the GST. So either the individual or business owner can take a GST Certification course online, or it can be a person willing to provide services of GST.

A GST Certification Course specializes in teaching students not only the theoretical aspects of the subject but also the practical aspects of its application. This helps the students to gain real-life knowledge and apply it in their jobs or consultations. Most institutes today do not provide practical knowledge of GST if at all they provide classes about GST.

It being quite a new law with updates every quarter, it is important to understand the basics and the advanced to apply it in real-life scenarios. That is the primary reason why an individual aspiring to become a GST professional should take up a GST Certification Course online.


The advantages of a GST Certification Courses online India can be listed as :
  • It can be done anytime and anywhere. It gives the ability to continue doing day jobs and learning by the night.
  • There is a lively community online from all across the country. This can be utilized to connect with great friends and know answers to queries.
  • The faculties are usually CA and have extensive knowledge about the subject and help students to clear all their doubts.
    It helps the individual to know the law of the land and have extensive knowledge about it.
  • One can get in-depth knowledge about GST and use it as a profession or have a consultation on the side.
  • Expert GST speakers from all around India to share their knowledge.


There are many GST courses at Tax4Wealth. All of which are very beneficial for GST interested students. Some of these courses can be listed as below:
  1. Mega GST Certification Course
  2. Highly debatable topics under GST (2017-2020) and forms of GST
    Notices under GST
  3. GST: Revocation of Cancellation of Registration of GST
  4. Deemed approval of GST Registration if filed till 28-07-21
  5. E-commerce and OIDAR Services under GST
  6. SEZ and its Refund under GST
    And much more. All classes are conducted by CA faculty.


All the GST courses include updated rules and laws.
  • The faculties are all CA, so they have expertise in the matter extensively.
  • All the courses are long and go into in-depth about all the aspects.
    Students can do the courses at their own understanding and pace.
  • There is also a telegram group where students can post their queries up to six months from the beginning of the course.
  • There are highly esteemed GST experts speakers from all across India in the courses.
  • All the courses are very competitively priced in comparison to other similar courses in the market.
  • Tax4wealth academy is a leading tech firm in India with regular updates on more new courses added in a short span of time.


How much time will it take to complete this online course?

The time required to complete a course completely depends on these students. The longer courses can last up to three months in totality to complete all these sessions. But a student can take a much longer time as the course will be available to them forever once they purchase it.

How does this GST Online Training will help in placements or promotions in career?

DGST online training is as good as any other physical classes that are done. This is because almost 25 plus guest speakers who are experts in GST from all across India speak in these courses and give their valuable knowledge to these students. So with such intensive knowledge and a little bit of dedication from these students themselves can help them a lot to gain knowledge about GST in and out. With such knowledge, the students can easily score placements or promotions in their careers.

Is there any requirement of prior knowledge/skills for this course?

There is no requirement of previous knowledge in GST to take up this course. Sentence all the courses go in-depth with every aspect covered. So anybody who is at any level of learning or understanding can take up this course is. It does not matter if they are our beginner or an intermediate or even is advanced. It is open to all.

Is there GST on training courses?

GST is the focal point of most of these online certification courses. So, yes, GST is included in all the GST Certification courses with the aim to teach students all there is to know about GST.

What is GST training?

GST training means giving students in-depth knowledge about the subject with all practical aspects. It also trains the students with the latest and updated rules and laws. This helps them to tackle any new scenario that may arise adequately.

How do I become a GST professional?

To become an expert in GST and choose it as a profession, one must opt for a GST Certification Course Online. It teaches them all the prerequisite knowledge required to know about GST and get a promotion or placement easily. The course not only teaches them about the theory but also practical aspects of it.

How do I become a GST practitioner?

To become a GST practitioner, one needs extensive knowledge about GST first. Very few institutes provide proper practical knowledge about GST, so a GST Certification Course online in India can help students of India learn it to the core and then easily use the knowledge to help clients and companies. That's how they can become a GST practitioner.