Best Online Courses After 12th Commerce for Girls [2022] – Let’s Find Out

Best Online Courses After 12th Commerce for Girls [2022] – Let’s Find Out

No employment alternatives exist today that are exclusively for men or exclusively for women; it all depends on one's interest and enthusiasm. All excellent occupations for men are excellent careers for women. No stream can claim that today, it is desirable for only girls to have equal possibilities.

The choice of a vocation in the large sector of commerce depends on your aptitude, skill, and ability. After deciding on commerce as their track, students are offered a wide variety of Job Oriented Course After 12th Commerce from which to choose the best ones. If you are aware of your strengths, there will always be fascinating work profiles for career alternatives in commerce studies.

After finishing their 10+2 in commerce, students only ever request one answer. What should I do after taking commerce in the 12th grade?

Students have many opportunities in commerce. The educational institutions provide a variety of Online Accounting Courses that allow students to select from a range of professional options. Due to various limitations and a lack of opportunities, female students experience these issues more frequently. The debate offered some suggestions for helping girls select the finest Job Guaranteed Courses after Class 12th. The information presented here discusses the numerous job alternatives available to girls to help them make the best choice and determine their future.

Online Courses Options After 12th Commerce Girls:

After graduating from high school, girls have a variety of employment options in commerce thanks to online course options. They have the option of working in the public sector or joining the commercial sector.

Some of AcademyTax4wealth's top online course choices are shown below:

1. Chartered Accountancy:

Chartered Accounting is one of the most popular courses among commerce students. Because it is regarded as one of the top job-oriented courses after graduation or 12th for girls in commerce, it provides a well-paying position in the sector. Few students finish the course, and the exam is fiercely competitive. AcademyTax4wealth offers a Chartered Accountant Course Online that combines theoretical lessons with professional training.

Required Skills: Students who want to follow it as one of the top courses for girls after 12th-grade commerce should be able to learn. Additionally, the students need to be able to self-study effectively and persistently to pass all the exams.

Key Subjects: The following subject(s) must be studied by prospective CA students who view it as one of the best courses for girls after completing their 12th grade in commerce.

    • Economics
    • Accountancy
    • Taxation
    • Business Laws
    • Tax Laws
    • Auditing
    • Business Communication
    • Corporate Laws
  • Eligibility
    • The students who have completed 12th Commerce. 
    • The students must have secured at least 50% in the 12th exam.
  • Career Option: After completing the CA Course, qualified chartered accountants might choose one of the following careers.
  • Cost Accountants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Financial Auditors
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Services Accountant

2. Company Secretary: 

Among students majoring in commerce, the Company Secretary (CS) course is another well-liked course. One of the top courses after 12th Commerce, according to students who wish to work in senior post incorporation. The class is delivered online. The Foundation Program, Executive Program, and Professional Program are the three sections of the course.

Skills Needed: Students must be able to comprehend all legal terms and legislation.

Important Subjects: If students decide to enroll in the course, they will study the following topics.

    • Business Laws and Tax Laws
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Economics
    • Management
    • Business Ethics
    • Information Technology for Business Management
  • Eligibility: 
    • The students must have completed 10+2 exams successfully from a recognized board.
  • Career Option: Those who are successful and qualified and have selected one of the top 12th-grade Commerce programs for girls will have the following career options.
    • Principal Secretary
    • Legal Advisors
    • Company Secretary
    • Corporate Planner
    • Corporate Policymaker

3. Company Law Certificate Course:

The Career in Corporate Law - 100% Practical Training Courses is the finest course for girls to take following their 12th grade in commerce if they wish to pursue a career in law or a related field. After graduating or after passing the 10+2 exam, students have the option of choosing online certification courses in Company Law.

Skills Needed: Students who view it as one of the finest courses after 12th commerce must be able to think critically and comprehend a variety of legal concepts and laws.

Important Subjects: The following subjects that make up this course are as follows.

    • Constitutional Laws
    • Banking Laws
    • Consumer Laws
    • Property Laws
    • Labor and Industrial Laws
    • Public International Laws
    • Administrative Laws
  • Eligibility:
    • The students must pass the 12th standard from a recognized board.
  • Career Option: Pursuing a Company Law Certification course after 12th Commerce for girls would offer the following Career Options For Commerce Students.
    • Lecturer
    • Advocate
    • Legal Advisor
    • Lawyer
    • Solicitor

4. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance:

The Accounting and Finance course is one of the greatest options for students interested in business and finance once they complete grade 12th. The training will provide students with a bright future in accounting, banking, and finance.

  • Skills Needed: Students must be able to comprehend fundamental accounting principles and successfully resolve financial issues.
  • Key Subjects: The students pursuing bachelor’s in accounting and Finance will read the following subjects.
    • Cost Accounting
    • Financial Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Economics
    • Business Ethics
  • Eligibility: The students must have successfully passed 10+2 in Commerce from a recognized board. The student must have completed 12th-grade studies in accounting, finance, economics, and mathematics.
  • Career Option: The course offers the following promising career options for girls if they choose it as the best course after 12th Commerce girls.
    • Finance Manager
    • Financial Advisors
    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Financial Controller

5. Cost and Management Accounting:

The topics covered in this course include resource and performance management for firms, internal and external audit management, and cost management. The three levels of this course are Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. After successfully passing the 10+2 standard with Commerce, students may continue with the Foundation Level of the program.

Skills Needed: Aspiring students seeking job-oriented programs the finest courses for girls after graduating from 12th in commerce should keep in mind that they must be tenacious and efficient to put up the work necessary to comprehend the course material through independent study as well. 

Important Subjects: The following subjects are covered on the CMA syllabus.

    • Financial Management
    • Cost Accounting
    • Tax Management
    • Business Ethics
    • Strategic Management
    • Taxation
    • Business Audits
  • Eligibility: 
    • The students must clear the 12th board exam from a recognized board
    • They must the knowledge of the Foundation course 
  • Job Option: Students who finish all levels of CMA have access to lucrative career alternatives. After passing the CMA final exam, they will have the following career opportunities available to them.
    • Financial Controller
    • Corporate Controller
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Investment Officer
    • Financial Analyst

6. Job Guaranteed Courses:

These are the certification programs that students in India may also access. These courses, which are ranked among the best for girls after the 12th grade in commerce, prepare students for careers in banking, wealth management, financial analysis, and other investment-related fields. It typically takes 6 to 9 months to finish these courses, earn their certification as accountants, and offer career advice on options available after the 12th grade, such as Job Guaranteed Courses in Accounting-2022, placements, or entrepreneurship.

  • Skills Required: The students must have the ability to learn at their own pace and with resources.
  • Key Subjects: Study materials will be given to students who choose to continue with the course. They must complete the following courses.

1. Certified Corporate Accountant Course | 100% Job Guarantee (9 MONTHS)

2. GST Course with Practical Training | 100% Job Placement (6 MONTHS)

3. Certificate Course in Income Tax with Practical Training (6 MONTHS)

4. Complete Practical Course in TDS with e-Filing (3 MONTHS)

5. Career in Corporate Law - 100% Practical Training (4 MONTHS)

6. Tally Complete Practical Course with Certification (6 MONTHS)

  • Eligibility: 
    • The applicant can pursue the course after completing the 12th standard successfully from a recognized board.
    • The students with Commerce subject in 12th standard will find it helpful to pursue the course.

Career Option: The students who want to know the best courses after 12th Commerce for girls, should be aware that completing these job-oriented courses will provide you job placements successfully. Students can build their careers in financial accounting. Though we provide job placements to the students after completing the course with certificates.


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